Ashton Bentley Concepts

Ashton Bentley are a UK based company who design and build modular meeting room presentation and collaborative video conferencing products. The Ashton Bentley range is all about the user experience, giving customers a seemless and high quality experience meaning that working is made easy and effortless.

With high quality and a cost effective budget in mind AVS were quick to offer advice on prosesses and design ideas that helped greatly with the development of the product line. This resulted in a beautifully crafted product at a very competitive price.

In addition to producing metal components AVS have also taken on other roles including assembly of electronic components, Cable assemblies and even seeing items right though to being packaged ready for shipment.

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Helvar Lighting

Helvar Lighting have been a long term customer of AVS for over 20 years, An international company with over 20 offices world wide Helvar have been at the cutting edge of Architecural lighting control for over 75 years. Based in Dartford, Kent the European division is where the main development of the lighting control products takes place.

Dimmers, Lighting panels, IR and PIR sensor arrays and HVAC (heating / ventialaton/ Air conditioning) products have all been Manufactured by AVS over the years including the industry reknowned "Imagine" system which has been an industry leading product for many years.

Working closley with the Development engineers has meant that designs can be checked and where necessary altered giving the best possible solution.

AVS manufacture large production, batches of dimmer, control products and special finish control panels including Silkscreening and engraving services for many of the Helvar product lines.

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Electrosonic and AVS have worked together for many years completing a vast array of projects for the professional audio visual industry.

A huge array of AVS work can be found within many of the worlds leading visitor attractions, Theme rides, corporate meeting spaces and even military and Government installations.

AVS manufactures volume items such as our own design of equipment racks and accessories as well as bespoke parts including speaker brackets, projector housings and custom conection panels.

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Novia - Xpress

The Novia Xpress is a great example of great collaboration between AVS and its clients. Taking a tried and tested product and making it even more effiecient and cost effective through exertise and understanding the clients requirements.

This Simple looking device was completley re-engineered by the AVS team. This enabled additional sales of the Noviawrap which it is designed to compress.

Quote Ben Pollard Marketing Executive Novia

"the general feedback of the design and precticality of the press has been fantastic from all of our customers."

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Display Technology

Is part of the German based Data display group providing LCD displays of various types for public display screens, integrated monitors, desk top monitors, videowalls, digital signage and 3D monitors

tAVS provides both large volume manufacture for custom display housings for applicaltions such as forecourt coffee machines through bespoke displays and prototyping for specialist lower volume applications

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