More than just metalworkers

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Our Expertise

We operate from a factory based in Maidstone in Kent, where we have a tight network of approved supporting suppliers. Through the diversity of our work we have considerable experience in correct use of materials, finishing techniques and the ability to create complete solutions for your application.

Our Approach

We are more than just a metalworker. We work with our clients to design solutions, considering the design for the application, installation requirements, long term life and serviceability.

We have a flexible approach to lead - times, principally working with our clients to meet their needs, this can range from a scheduled call off over a year, though to same day delivery to meet a specific site need. A huge array of AVS work can be found within many of the world’s leading visitor attractions, corporate meeting spaces, hotels, airports, residential developments and even military and government installations.


Our Work

We can do production batch work (100 - 10,000) items through to one off items and bespoke specials, we will typically have in excess of 100 production projects running at any one time.



Our Services Include

  • CNC Punching, laser and water jet cutting

  • Bending

  • Bushing

  • Light fabrication of structural steel

  • Manufacture using all materials including but not limited to steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, plastics and glass.

  • Welding

  • Material finishing including anodising, electroplating, powder coating, wet painting, silk screening & engraving

  • Mechanical and electronic assembly

Many thanks for the quality and delivery of the parts, we are delighted with them
— Lloyd Vincent, Sky Green Design
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Rather than being suspended from the ceiling, a custom bracket and frame was developed to give the impression of a flying display in front of the curved wall. The bracket included a swing mechanism to allow easy access for maintenance and installation and has magnetic locks to lock the screen into place, with the ability to be activated and deactivated by the control systems engineering functions. Entirely bespoke, the bracket and frame are designed by IVC Technologies Ltd in partnership with AVS Metalwork Innovations.